Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflection & Eternity

Our life is a busy one. We may not be as busy as the next person, but we do seem to like going all.of.the.time...after all, it's just what we do. We plan for the next function, the next big thing, the next party, the next goal to be accomplished...

Sometimes it seems our planning is in vain. How plans over exciting things take up much of our thoughts and visions - and so much of our time. It's a joy to plan for fun things in life. But, what takes weeks and/or months of planning, always seems to be over just as soon as it began.

You know how I feel right? You've thought that before haven't you? Look at a wedding for example...months and months and months and money and money and money that has gone into preparation for it...flies by so quickly that you never even had time to soak it in.

Having a baby...planning on when to conceive, then dreaming of when you'll be pregnant, then being pregnant and planning on well everything that comes with it...what will you name her or him? What will the nursery decor be? What kind of delivery? Which doctor for you, hospital, pediatrician, etc.? Your new angel is finally in your arms and before you know it, you wake up and realize they are starting Pre-K, kindergarten, high school, bringing their first love home to meet you. The list goes on.

Oh how you wish you can slow the clock down and just soak up and remember all the details of this precious thing called life.

After all, God has given us this sweet life and He fully expects and wants us to enjoy it to the fullest.

But, as I'm reflecting today, I'm reminded of the planning - the eternal planning that I have so much opportunity to do - yet I continue to focus on the things that must seem or be more important to me. Not that planning on and raising my child is unimportant in the least! That is my job as a parent...and as the parent of the next child I am believing the Lord for right now. :)

I realize though what I am teaching E. What freedom and opportunity I have to teach her the process of that eternal planning. What we are here children of God.

~ To know Him and make Him known. ~

Am I growing in Him DAILY? Am I soaking up every WORD He speaks to my heart? Am I operating in every GIFT He has placed within me? Am I using my FAITH to move mountains in my life? Am I "letting His little LIGHT shine" in me constantly so that others will see the Christ that I serve and want Him for themselves as well?

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?
Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.
James 4:14 NLT
You see, our lives are but a vapor. Tomorrow, they will be gone...whenever our tomorrow is. Not saying that the planning we do in raising our children or planning for events in our lives are not important. But, my job on this earth is to know Him and make Him known. My relationship with Christ should be what keeps me awake, too excited to sleep at night. The thoughts that constantly fill my mind and abide my time should be of my Father. Where will He lead me next? What gifts will He show me tomorrow? Who will He place in my path next to tell of His love and salvation?

Our time here is temporary and the things I plan so hard for and lay awake with visions of at night will fly by so quickly. But, as long as I am in the process of eternal planning, my time with Him has just begun. (and will never EVER end.)


Are you planning for eternity?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

How old is this child? Oh my...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you singing?

The Bible says, "He inhabits the praises of His people." Let's praise Him for all the good things in our lives. "Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights..." "In everything, give THANKS!"

Are you singing?

I am waiting on answer to prayer ... but I am singing.

I have been betrayed here and there...we all have ... but I am singing.

I am ready to go home to my Father ... and I am SINGING!


I would be overjoyed for you to leave a comment of your reasons for singing today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

K-4 ~ Where does time go?

Here is my punkin' heading out the door for her first day of K-4!
She was so excited and gave me a big thumbs up!

We were about to walk into her class and this was a look like, "Alright, mommy! Just one more!"

She did so good! It was familiar to her this year since she went there last year for K-3. She walked in, gave me a hug and a kiss and walked to her friends to play. I felt bad for feeling like she should have cried. :(

Growing up is hard on mommies.


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