Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 or 13?

On the way to school this morning, E said, "Mommy, you don't walk me to my class today ok?" "I just go in."

"You don't want me to take you in your class E?"

"No, I big gul now." "You can take me tomowow."

"I can't walk you in this morning?"

"Well, um, you can jus talk to my teacher and then you have to go bye-bye. Okay?"

So we came down the stairs and rounded the corner to her room. I turned to sign her in and she went straight to her class and never even said goodbye. Didn't even look back.

Wait a minute!!...I thought this wouldn't happen for at least 10 more years! She is only 3 people!

I am proud of her, yes. But, I left there feeling so sad and wanting my child to cry. (Twisted huh?)

There's always tomorrow right? :c)

Monday, August 25, 2008

What is God Like?

My mother-in-law bought this book for E a while back. Let me tell you - it is an awesome book!

What a great way to explain God to your children...or anyone for that matter.
I encourage you to swing by your local Christian bookstore and pick it up.

(Excerpt from the book, What is God Like?, Kathleen Long Bostrom)

* The book begins with children questioning God about what He is like.

Are you big or little? Short or tall? Do you have a temper? Do you ever get sad? Where do you live? How do I know you are near?

Then, He answers:
I'm as tall as the heavens, I'm as wide as the sea
But, even your hairs are all counted by me

My voice can be gentle and silent and still
And also like thunder that roars through the hills

When you are unhappy that makes me feel sad
I'm filled with great joy when I make your heart glad

My anger comes slowly and fades like the night
There's no darkness in me, just goodness and light

I AM like a mother who comforts your fears
and tenderly wipes away all of your tears

I AM like a father who wants to provide,
to care for your needs and to stay by your side

I AM the Almighty

I'll love you forever, whatever you do,
For nothing can separate my love from you.

These are only bits and pieces of the book. There is so much more to it. It is actually 68 pages and then in the back, there is a scripture reference for each line to back it up.

I read this book to E before putting her to bed tonight. As I read, it was a gentle reminder of the Father that I serve and love. But, most importantly, the Father who loves me. We all need that reassurance huh?

Good night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ready, Set, Stand

This is my Thankful Thursday edition:

So, we had a Women's Conference at church this past weekend and it was wonderful. God showed up in a big way. But, then doesn't He always?! That seems a little silly to say since He is everywhere, but you know what I mean.

The speaker that was supposed to come cancelled at the last minute because her dad is very ill and they aren't expecting him to make it. So they called another lady, which we've never had at our church, the night before the conference to see if she could come. She lives 7 hours away in Florida and still agreed to it!

Right when she got up to speak, she prayed for the other speaker and her family. I thought that was neat for her to do that considering she was our "second" choice. She was very humble.

She then said that it's funny that it happened this way because 2 months ago, the Lord gave her a message about prayer and spoke to her heart that she would speak this message to a very large crowd. Well, months ago, we determined that the theme of our conference would be none other than...Prayer!

She did an outstanding if she'd had weeks to plan for this conference. She spoke from 2 Chronicles 20 regarding King Jehosaphat.

The message was simply this: The battle is not our's, but the Lord's. We don't even have to fight it. We just have to show up for the fight!

She said a lot of people ~ as they go through things ~ sort of crawl back in bed and hide under the covers and say, "Okay Lord, put up a good fight and let me know when it's over!" Nuh-uh! You need to be there or what will you get out of it?

This scripture says, (in so many words) "Do not be afraid! Stand and see the salvation of the Lord." It doesn't say "put up your dukes!" or "ready, set, brawl!" Just "stand and see."

She told so many encouraging testimonies of things she had been through in her lifetime. Some things which made my life to this point seem like a cake walk. Then, we heard numerous testimonies of ladies right in our church of what they've been through. WOW - you really have no clue where people have been. They seem to have it all together and it's easy to assume they've had it easy.

One girl...she is very young and in our youth group...told of how her parents were on drugs and her dad would come in high and abusive and instead of her mom protecting her and her lil' sister, her mom actually attempted to kill them, but they got away. They were raised by a family member and are blessed now with a great life. A battle won.

The speaker actually told of watching her first husband commit suicide. There were so many situations that she spoke of that I won't go into, but he was gone and she was stuck with a child to raise on her own. She had to figure out how to tell her daughter that she'd never see her daddy again. She had to figure out how to pay the mortgage she was now left with...and so much more.

But, today she is sharing the goodness of God with everyone she can. She had major battles to overcome, but she didn't have to do it alone. She didn't even have to do the fighting...

...and you and I don't either. God says the battle is His. I don't know about you, but I don't want to get in His way. He just tells us to show up and see. See victory and freedom take place. It won't come easy, but it will come if you trust.

I hope someone reading this today needed to hear this. We are all going through battles. Physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual...and you are weary. I certainly am. It gets tiring, but do not give up hope. Get your battle gear...the most important weapon of all...the Word of God.

The enemy is defeated!

Kisses from the you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sniffle, Cough, Shiver, Blow

Lots of prayer, Kleenex, Children's Mucinex, Tylenol, bear hugs, kisses from mommy and daddy, and a snuggle under her winter fleece blanket. That was the prescription for bedtime tonight.

Yes, you read that right. It is mid-August and my child is wrapped up in a fleece blanket at the moment. Chills are no fun at all.

Don't you just despise summer colds?! Especially when it jumps on your child and you want to take it away or help them and you just don't know what else to do.

E has caught it. My sweet baby is so puny. She was a trooper today. Her fever would come and go...but then, why do fevers always show their ugly faces again at bedtime? That has never made sense to me. Then, you know stopped up noses always well...stop up again at bedtime. Uggh.

It took her almost 2 hours to fall asleep tonight. She was so tired physically and I thought with the medicine, she would go right to sleep, but she was wired.

She wanted the bathroom light on, then off. Her door cracked, then opened. She wanted a sip of water. She "needed" a kiss from mommy. She needed to go potty.

You know, most of those things I wouldn't deal with under "normal" circumstances. But, they know that when they are under the weather, they can pretty much ask for anything. (By the way, I have a hard time, whether it's 10 p.m. or 4 a.m. ever turning down the kiss from mommy thing.)

Well, she has finally hushed. The crying and whining has now turned into dreaming.

The problem is - I was sort of sad when I realized it had stopped. Is that wrong? I don't want my baby feeling bad or miserable by all means.

But, you see, I had already told myself that in 5 minutes, I was going to get that lil' baby girl, her (fleece) blanket, "RuRu" & "Ruff-Ruff" and curl up on the couch for the rest of the night - or for a while at least.

So now my excuse for that is gone. I know that when babies are sick, they need their mommies. I still feel that way at 29. So I was telling myself that that must be the problem. Two hours of being miserable and restless was going to be solved when mommy came and got her.

And now...well I guess I'll go to bed. Sad. Knowing that 10 years from now when she is 13, I will wish that I'd have thrown that 5 minute wait right out the door.

Good...night everyone!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chapters of Life

Would you say someone was happy for her first day of school? This picture says it all.

She couldn't wait. Me? I felt like it was my first day of school. I was a ball of nerves - stomach in knots, nervous energy, feeling like I was going to wet my pants.

The day had arrived. She was there and I was here...feeling as I feared...lost without her around. Yes, it's only 3 hours a day and to most of you reading, I must sound ridiculous. But, it's not the time she's gone. It is the fact that she was gone - to her first day of school.

I was one emotional mama the night before as she played in the tub. The realization that it was my last full day of her being home with me; the last day of a very long, yet wonderful chapter. Yes, we've closed and opened mini chapters with her through the years, but this is a big one.

It is only the first of many big ones though. In two years, we close the preschool chapter and then comes that bad word...kindergarten. Then will come middle school, high school and even college.

Of course there are other chapters like now...the thought of boys and boyfriends mean nothing to her. Right now, her daddy and granddaddy are the only "boys" that make her "heart go up" as I used to say when I was little. But, the time will certainly come when she is boy crazy and then someday...that one boy will steal her heart away and carry our little girl off to be his wife.

So, chapters open and close & come and go. They are hard to face at times. Other times they are just extremely exciting. But they are what our lives are made of.

And all that talk about somebody carrying my baby girl off to be his wife?...Well, I think I'd rather stick with dropping her off at preschool for now. You know ~ while she's still happy to see her mommy at the end of the day.
*** The day was a success. She did great! I held it together pretty well too I think. This was her sound asleep...all tuckered out after a long day at s.c.h.o.o.l. ***

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mediterranean Spa

Wouldn't you just love a trip to the spa right about now? I don't know about you, but it is here in Georgia. It is so draining and honestly, going to the pool doesn't even sound enticing lately - cuz you know - the pool is outside.

But, oh to have "a day at the spa" - which I've never had, by the way. Yes, I've had numerous massages and they are wonderful. But, you hear these ladies talk about a "day" - a whole day?! at the spa. Wonder how much that costs!!

Babble babble I know... So, if you are like me and don't have enough cash or time for that, you can just light our brand new scent and at least pretend you are there right?

Because oh it smells like it really. It is very fresh and such an inviting scent.

Here is the description:

"Mediterranean Spa effortlessly creates a relaxing spa environment. Sit back and enjoy a mini vacation on a Greek Island or the French countryside when you burn this wonderful candle."

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Have a great Friday!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Almost Here

It was inevitable...the first day of preschool. I knew it was coming, but how did it get here so quickly?

One week from tomorrow, my sweet baby will approach the front doors of her brand new school. Her little bookbag over her shoulders and her little hand wrapped tightly around my fingers...I will hand her over to the care of someone...other than myself...people that I trust, but neverthelesssss - someone/anyone that isn't me.

This will be the start of a whole new world of learning. A week full of lessons that mommy wouldn't be good at teaching - that patience thing you know? Thank God for teachers!

I don't know what she'll do. I'm sure she'll cry and without a doubt - yes, I certainly will. I will be determined to fight the tears until I've reached the parking lot again. But, my mornings will be so different.

I am afraid that as I pull away, I will feel so lost. So scared. So excited. So relieved for a little "me time" yet so anxious for the pick up time to roll around.

I have a whole week now to dread and look forward to this all at the same time.

...And people - this is only pre-school! What will I do on the first day of kindergarten?

Oh and did I mention it's only for 3 hours a day?

Friday, August 1, 2008

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