Friday, February 8, 2008

Life, People and Jonah's Whale

I actually answered this question last week and was very pleased with how my answer turned out...but, I don't know what happened to it. I guess I accidentally deleted it. Don'tcha hate that?

So, here goes again.

Anonymous asked "If you could be or live anywhere else than where you are now, where would it be and why?"

Okay, so you aren't gonna be too impressed with this answer, but it's the stinkin' honest truth. I wouldn't want to be or live anywhere else. You see, if that was the case, then I wouldn't have the life that I have been blessed with. My family would not be close, my friends would be different, my church would be different. I just cannot imagine that at this point in my life.

(Awwh man! This isn't coming out as wonderfully as it did before my crazy self deleted it!)

I am and have always been a dependent person - depending on my husband, my parents, my friends for so much. Nothing in particular, but for everything! I can't go through one day without touching base with my "people" and just knowing they are there. My "people" are those that know me best and still enjoy my company. Uh that must be love.

I wouldn't have my "people" if I were somewhere else and that is just depressing.

But...if I win the lottery that I don't play and decide to purchase a little getaway on a cozy little quiet beach surrounded by palm trees and hammocks where I can fly to on my jet anytime I very well please and (pretend that I am not a red head with casper-like, milky white skin) and tan my tush while the island music plays in the background and my yacht awaits me in the gorgeous blue water so that I can hop on it and ride around in the shallow end so that I am safe from Jonah's whale...whew I'm tired.) Was that just a little bit of a long sentence?

Then, I guess I'd like to be there. But, not for long. Unless my "people" are in the surrounding hammocks.

But, who needs all of that when my mansion is under construction. And my builder? Oh man, He's the best!


Mom said...

Speaking as your Mother (and one of your "people"), I'm so thankful you enjoy your family, friends, and church. 'Cause if I were to win the lottery (that I don't play either), I would only want to spend the money for a get-away where my "people" would be with me, too.

"D" said...

Hey, mansions are good! Hope you have plenty of your "people" with you.


"A" said...

Being one of your "people" is a great reward, too! I love you and your dear family and wouldn't want it any other way!! The hammock sure sounds nice right now. When can we go? (he he he)
Looking forward to our mansion and feast, too!
Talk to ya soon peeps!


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