Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Almost Here

It was inevitable...the first day of preschool. I knew it was coming, but how did it get here so quickly?

One week from tomorrow, my sweet baby will approach the front doors of her brand new school. Her little bookbag over her shoulders and her little hand wrapped tightly around my fingers...I will hand her over to the care of someone...other than myself...people that I trust, but neverthelesssss - someone/anyone that isn't me.

This will be the start of a whole new world of learning. A week full of lessons that mommy wouldn't be good at teaching - that patience thing you know? Thank God for teachers!

I don't know what she'll do. I'm sure she'll cry and without a doubt - yes, I certainly will. I will be determined to fight the tears until I've reached the parking lot again. But, my mornings will be so different.

I am afraid that as I pull away, I will feel so lost. So scared. So excited. So relieved for a little "me time" yet so anxious for the pick up time to roll around.

I have a whole week now to dread and look forward to this all at the same time.

...And people - this is only pre-school! What will I do on the first day of kindergarten?

Oh and did I mention it's only for 3 hours a day?


3cookieday said...

Wow, E's in preschool! I'm already dreading the day I drop off my daughter at preschool and kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

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