Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Y'all!!

Can you feel it?

Step outside right just kiddin'! I heard so many people talking today about how nice the weather was. I don't know what the temperature got up to, but it was perfect!

In fact, coming out of church tonight, I was chilly...but a good kind of chilly. Ahhh that 100 degree heat is for the birds...well bless their hearts too! It must be even hotter up there where they fly! :c)

My husband thinks I am nuts because I start itching this year for the Fall to get here. Fall is a fun season. It does mean football, which doesn't excite me at all. But with football comes parties and get-togethers and with those comes time with friends. It is a busy season full of planning. What costume will I find for E to wear to our OctoberFest at church? Then, amongst other things, Fall brings Thanksgiving...what to prepare...oh and the decorating! We all know how excited the day after Thanksgiving is!! That early morning shopping and time with girlfriends...and mom...the best girlfriend! The deals, the clothes, the lines, the crowds ~ I love it! All of it!

With Fall, the Christmas lists begin. Who will I get What for? When will I get it? Where will I get it from? Hmmm ~ How good have they been this year? Again, hmmm :c)

Then, speaking of Christmas, the music, the music, the music! I would start listening to Christmas music after Easter if people didn't think I was absolutely batty! I don't know what it is about Christmas carols and why it feels so special, but as ridiculous as this sounds - it puts utter joy in my heart and it makes me want to spread the love!! I'm the corniest person ever! I know!
...add Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, etc. to Christmas music and you think I was corny before...I'll spare you!

Anyway, we've but a few days left of Summer '08 and I say sianara! It's not been a bad summer, but I get the feelin' the next few months are going to be great!

I plan to do a lot of relaxing with good friends...the kind that you can do nothing but relax with! I want to read...curled up under blankets. Watch movies with my best hubby. Hang out in the yard with E and take her to the weather that is actually enjoyable. Carve a pumpkin, go on a hay ride, roast marshmallows and enjoy the warmth that the season will bring.

Man ~ and we're not even there yet! Bring it on!!


Anonymous said...

Great! Glad you seem to be back in "essay" form. I've missed these little "website" chats. And, speaking of the day after Thanksgiving, I've got the best of both worlds, a husband who likes to shop with me a daughter, too. Love you much!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back..I enjoy reading your blogs so much.
Love & miss ya,


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