Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Time No Talk To

I promise I've had so many things to talk to you guys about...but I'm a member of


Why do we do this? Put things off and keep adding and adding and adding to our lists of things to do. Then, one day has turned into weeks.

Speaking of those lists of things to do, I have several things to get done before heading out to church this evening. So, once again I'm not going to give you a "real" post. But something needs to be posted. Or AHHH you may totally give up on me! We just don't want that now do we?!


6 days left y'all and counting...until this election has come to an end. I certainly pray it's the result we've all been praying for. But, at least it will over! I've had enough of the tv ads and the radio ads and the newspaper ads and the polls and the drama and backbiting. It's all I can take!! My word - has it ever been quite this bad before? Uggh!

Okay so quickly - below is a pic of E with her new piano. She loves it and each day she begs for me to turn praise and worship music on so that she can play along with it. Our lil' composer...


Anonymous said...

I check your blog every day. Sometimes more than once...I am a very dedicated reader!! I was happy to see you finally put up something new....LOL :) And I love the pics of Emma playing the piano. I may have to get Jadyn one for christmas?


Anonymous said...

I'm a dedicated reader, too. Glad to see you are blogging again. You may not know it, but I also check it several times a day!


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