Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Need Some Help

I've mentioned in previous posts about my new-found desire to save money by couponing, etc. I have been finding so many great deals to share with you all, only to remind myself that this is not what "Kisses from the Father" is supposed to be about! ...and that honestly, you may not be as excited over these deals as I am.

So, I thought that I would create a new blog devoted to that - and other things of that nature. (And of course, I will continue with this one.)

I had the brightest idea and cutest name come to mind today - "This Little Piggy" because of the association to piggy banks...saving money...and well, it's just cute! But guess what? It's not available!! Sheesh!!

I really would like to name it something cute like that...maybe even related to piggy banks or 'this little piggy.' My husband and I just simply thought, "What about the 3 Little Pigs?" Then we thought..."Wait, what does that...OINK...say about us?" haha...SNORT!

Your suggestions, original and creative, would be greatly appreciated!

Dis Lil' Ham thanks ya! (By the way, I am open to a variety. I truly am not stuck on the PORKER names! :) )

1 comment:

Bev said...

Maybe do some research on Ben Franklin quotes - he was big on saving money and might have something that strikes you. I'm thinking along the lines of 'nestegg' or you could also look at some of the websites of the big financial guys out there - Mary Hunt, Dave Ramsey, Ron Blue and see if anything strikes you.


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