Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boca Java Baby

So, most of you have heard of or tried Gevalia coffee before right? I found this information on another blog that I visit frequently and I'm excited about it.

Boca Java coffee...You can order (for a limited time) 4 bags of coffee ...your choice... plus FREE shipping for just $4.95! Hurry and order! I just set a reminder on my cell phone for about 3 weeks down the road to cancel my membership - if I want to. There are no obligations whatsoever after you receive your 4 bags!

I ordered myself the Boca Sunrise (2 bags), Caramel Kiss Island & Vacation Villa Vanilla.

You can hardly get 1 good bag of coffee for $4.95, much less 4 bags! Oh Oh and it is not roasted and bagged until you order! Fresh coffee...Yumm-O! :)

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