Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Butterfly

From this... To this...

So quickly!


If I could, I would give you wings
to lift you way up in the air,
And you could find the rainbow's end,
because wings would get you there.

If I could, I would give you wings
to carry you out of the storm.
They would take you higher than the wind,
and you would be safe and warm.

Wings, little wings,
in the wink of an eye
Soon your little wings will be big enough to fly.

If I could, I would give you wings
to lighten your heart through the years.
They would flutter soft around you then
and dry up all your tears.

Wings, little wings
in the wink of an eye.
Soon your little wings will be big enough to fly.

I tucked you in last night with tears running down my cheeks. Some would think I'm silly, but you are turning 4 today. This is a big deal to me. You are now leaving "toddler-hood" and moving into the next stage of your sweet life. The 1's, 2's and 3's we will never get back. We only have those memories, but I embrace the joys, tears, frustration (smile) and everything else that comes with the future years. You will always be my baby, but you are now my little girl.
You, my sweet E, bring joy like none we've ever known! The responsibility to parent you is overwhelming so that I know you don't truly belong to us. You are God's child and He loaned you to us while we are on this earth. He trusted me as your mother and daddy as your father. We are not and never will be the perfect parents, but we strive every day to please Him as we "raise you up in the way you should go."
I know that as we seek His direction, you will indeed fulfill the dreams that fill your little mind through the years. You will grow from the little precious caterpillar that curls up in my lap each night for prayer into the colorful butterfly that lives in the perfect will of God!
Lord, help us as the parents of this angel to never damage or hold her wings back. Equip us to do everything we can in this upcoming year and every one thereafter to prepare those wings to fly.
Happy Birthday E! Mommy and Daddy love you sweet baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm supposed to read this and watch this video and then have the presence of mind to "comment." I can't quit wiping the tears. Beautiful! I'm a blessed Mom and Gamma.

Maggie said...

Wow, I am with you, beautiful- I cried my way through it too. You are blessed with a sweet spirit Stacey and the ability to write about your feelings in the most beautiful way. God bless you all on this day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma. We love and miss you and will see you very soon!

The Kruegers

Anonymous said...

Are we not blogging anymore?????


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. I love it.


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