Monday, December 3, 2007

Talking Two's

I always said I would never claim the "terrible two's" and label my child with that.

I have to admit that I have slipped up a couple of times with "t t" and I immediately fuss at myself in my mind for doing it. Someone will ask me how old she is and I will answer, "She's two - and every bit of it!"

But, excuse me...that isn't even what this post is about. I just wanted to discuss the "Talking Two's" instead. This is such a neat age in so many ways because of how much their vocabulary is growing.

I have to make note of several things she says that are just precious so that I don't forget. So, I thought I would try and list them 10 at a time, in no particular order.

1. "I want to wide the alligator." (elevator)

2. "Atchooally (actually) I think I need to."

3. "Let's hit da woad Jack." (when we are about to leave)

4. "My house is booootiful. Mommy, what you do to it?" (after we decorated for Christmas)

5. "I not a girl! I a LADY!"

6. Where does Jesus live E? "In my heart." Where do you live E? "In my Georgia."

7. E, are you ready to go? "I got eat my bwekfass first." (breakfast)

8. "Give so&so a hug." "No mommy, I alweddy gib dem hugs. I did!"

9. She is beginning to have a say-so in what she wears and wants to pick out her shoes and outfits. The other day, her shoes didn't match her outfit so she put them on, went to the mirror and looked and said, "Oh mommy - dey fine! I wear dem tonight k?"

10. Lastnight, she was spinning around in circles saying, "I makin' myself dizzy." She stopped and looked up and said, "Whoa! Daddy, what's da house doin'?"

"Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matt. 19:14


Taxi Mom said...

Little ones say such cute things! Treasure this time with her - they grow up sooooo quickly! I miss those years with my kids, but am enjoying the stages they are at now, too. It's fun watching them grow up.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days. They were so fun. I love to hear this stuff.

KrisC said...

Stacy, I loved reading that! I laughed out loud reading it here at work. She is so precious and I can't wait to experience that myself. I bet you love spending your time at home with her, huh?


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