Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss This

Please go here and watch this video... Then, come back.

Dear SnickelFritz (a.k.a. "E"),

This week has been so trying. It is only Wednesday and it has felt like the longest week. You have been one moody little girl the past few days.

I feel like I can't please you and it's been hard to keep you calm. Everyone has always mentioned the "terrible two's" and I have to admit that any mention of them quite frankly -scared me. Well, you will be 3, yes a "Big Gull!" in less than 3 weeks. The two's have really been a breeze. Nothing terrible about them I would say. Little mood swings here and there. But then again, you are a female and well, that comes natural, as you will find out.

However, the closer to the Big 3 that we get, you seem to act like you are going on 15. Now, I am shakin' in my boots.

I've wondered this week and said to myself and your daddy, "What's gotten into her?" I've been at the point of tears and not feeling like a strong mommy at all. Much less a good one. See, your cute lil' sassy mouth has begun to get the best of me at times. Okay I'll be honest...all of the time.
You are learning how far you can go with me; what buttons to push - and you not only push those buttons, you hold them down. If I ask something of you, you tend to do the opposite. If I tell you to grab your white shoes, you'll grab black. If I ask you to turn the t.v. off, you'll turn it up louder. Ya know, the normal things that you little one's learn to do.

Does it sound like mommy is complaining a bit? Well, I'm not...Just statin' the facts. You drive me silly sometimes, but that is life. At the same time, you bring so much joy and excitement to our world and I know that I will miss these days.

I have to take a moment during these difficult parenting times to remember that.

It hurts my heart to know that one day when you are heading out the front door to meet up with friends - I will close my eyes and wish I could go back to the days of arguing over which bow matches your outfit better or which cartoon I'll let you watch.

They're hard, but I'll take right now...right now.

I love you lil' butter bean and I'd honestly have you no other way.

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Anonymous said...

DE JAVU! The good and the bad! I remember those days as if they were yesterday - I just didn't know anything about "blogging." It's scary trying to see into the future and wish you were "through those rough years already." But - we made it and you've turned out "quite well." E will, too! I'm proud of you and you are "GONNA MISS THIS!" MOM


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