Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Names of God

I've always heard the "common" names of God, but there is so much more to Him. I am very excited to share several of them with you.

Please let the following Names of our God be an encouragement to you. Pick one and stand on that name each day. Whatever name you stand on, be confident that it is for you. He is your Magen, your El Shaddai, your Advocate, your Dayspring. Just as He is mine.

Psalms 3:3, 18:30
God is your Shield.
You are guarded on every side.
He is actively at work defending you!
You don't have to become weary protecting yourself.
You can hide in the safety He brings.
Genesis 49:25
God is more than enough.
He is completely nourishing and satisfying.
You can rest knowing He will meet your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.
He is your constant sustainer.
1 John 2:1
God is your Advocate.
You don't have to defend yourself.
Rest and know that He is taking up for you!
Turn your anxious and fearful thoughts to Him.
He will reveal the truth in His time.
Trust Him.
Luke 1:78
God is your Dayspring.
You can be revived moment by moment.
He is refreshing, invigorating, and satisfying!
Open your neediness up to Him.
Experience the mystery of Living Water flowing through you.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I absolutely love today's post!!!! When I was around 16 we did a study on the Names of God. It really opened my eyes to what He truly means;no matter the need He is El... He is.... To Moses, He spoke and said "I am that I am" in essence, He is everything we need, more than we need, but nothing less! Thank you for this beautiful post, it really helps to call upon the different Names of the Lord for the exact need in your life! Today, I shall say He is my EL SHADDAI!!!

Love you,

Mum-me said...

I really appreciated this post. Thanks for writing it out so beautifully.


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