Friday, March 20, 2009

Multi-lingual Child of Mine

"Hey mommy! Say the word Chinese. dis... 'Chi-neeez'."

"That's right mommy. Now you're speaking Spanish!"

She's a bit confused wouldn't ya say? But cute!

I have been so busy. We got a new laptop and I've been having trouble uploading pictures on it. I have so many pictures to share with you too. :/
I also decided spontaneously to redo E's room and it's looking beautiful! I've been deep into girly paint for 2 days and wouldn't have it any other way! Can't wait to share it with you.
I don't have any plans at this point to make this a coupon blog. But, as you see below, I've really enjoyed sharing some great stuff with you all. One thing I've been so busy on is learning the "art of couponing" and don't you laugh! There is truly an 'art' to this, if you want to do it right.
I have signed up to be a member at BeCentsAble and I encourage you, if you want to cut your budget even a little, check it out. I saw these ladies on GMA ~ video here. There are different levels that you can sign up for in the member area from free to $75. I joined at the $20 level and have 90 days to complete an online course...homework order to become a "Centsable Shopper" with their tips and advice, which is incredible! I'm already blown away and have only completed 2 out of 9 lessons.
We are also getting ready to gear up for Easter. I need to do some 'centsable' shopping and go find our Easter outfits! Our church also does a huge egg hunt and starting this week, we will be stuffing 14,000 eggs for the big day! We actually have an egg-stuffing party coming up at church. How fun is that?! :)
Another reason I have, once again I know, been so scarce 'round here is that we have all been so sick back to back. It's been no fun at all! Anyone that has ever lived here in Georgia can attest to the crazy weather we have. Infact, on Feb. 28th, we had tornadoes come through here and do some major damage on some folk's homes...Then, the following day, we had a huge snow storm! Well, huge for us anyway. It snowed all day and you know it - half the city shuts down for 2 days. It is so funny...
So with that crazy weather comes horrible colds and it's nasty! Following that...comes the pollen, which like a little monster, creeps into your house right under your nose. You don't realize it until your child begins waking up for 2 and 3 hours during the night coughing her head off - repeatedly! Everyone seems to be complaining with sore throats here and there and coughing and yucky nose stuff and I just wonder if the pollen may be worse than normal right off the bat.
Oh the joy of Spring! I can deal with it though because with that exception, I love Spring and Fall! Today is the first day too! :)
I have some major cleaning to get done today so that we can get out and enjoy a fun weekend as a family.
So if you are still here after all of my rambling, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring!

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bncason said...

Ok I hate that we didnt meet yesterday BUT I did at least sign up for the $20 membership and who knows what will happen from there! Talk to you soon!


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