Monday, June 8, 2009

Swimming and Sliding...

...into a new chapter of life.

It is summer and we are right smack in the middle of swim lessons again. It's so fun for me and neat watching how much she grows in this from year to year. This will probably be our last year taking them...but, then again who knows because she does so well with them. We didn't have to take them again this year, but I feel better now that she will be 4 this week (oh my!!) and can listen to the instructions of her teacher much more attentively. She's like a lil fishy!
She is in the class with another one of her church friends and you should have seen them on the first day! Screaming all over again! The second day, I had to chase her down as she was running for the gate and begging to go home and take a nap...anything to make us leave haha. But 5 minutes later, she realized this was not so bad after all. Third day into it, there wasn't even a whimper out of either of them. Not one tear since and today was day number 5. Infact, she loves the deep end...she has mastered the diving board and even went down the slide into the deep end. That is a little unnerving for me because she is so teeny tiny and gravity takes its' tole on her little body as she flies down the slide so fast. She almost appears to be taking flight and well...I don't encourage the slide myself, but it's all good! :)

Speaking of slides...We had her 4th birthday party LUAU this weekend and it was a BLAST! We set up this huge water slide in the backyard and the kids loved it. Honestly, I think the cake was no big deal in comparison. We asked E what her favorite thing was and it was most definitely the slide. Smart kid! The new toys/gifts went home with her, but the slide was only temporary.

Okay so daddy had some fun on it too! :)

The big 4th birthday is not actually until Wednesday so I am soaking up every single minute of what is left of the 3's. I cannot believe what a hard time we are having about her turning 4. At 4 years of age, they aren't considered "toddlers" anymore so we are closing one chapter yet again and moving on to another. I just can't get over how fast it does go by.
My baby... will always be... my baby!

The picture above is the coffee that I got from Boca Java for ONLY $4.95 + FREE shipping! Can you believe this? That is a lot of coffee and good size bags too! Click on the link to read my post about it. I ordered the Boca Sunrise (2), Caramel Kiss Island & Vacation Villa Vanilla...and I cannot wait to try them. The bags smell amazing.

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Anonymous said...

We all had a blast, didn't we! Mom


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