Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Na-ow? Already?

Oh no! Please don't tell me she has already reached the age of not taking naps. I hear of kids older than her that still nap everyday. She needs her nap...I need her nap! That is my time - my quiet time. Time where I am "Stacey - in my right mind" and not Mommy, Mommy for 2 whole hours! 2 hours out of about 15 hours each day.

It's nice.

But, not today. Today, there is that broken record that keeps on keepin' on with the questions and "mommy" calling and jibber-jabber that!

"Mommy?! You dayer?" "Mommy, can I get up na-ow?" "Hey, Mommy - I said Mommy!"

"Is it time to get up na-ow?" "Can I wake up?" (she never went to sleep)

"I need you mommy. I need see you for a minute." "Oh Mommy! I only want see you!" "Can I get up na-ow?" "How 'bout na-ow?" "Just a moment?!" (where did she learn what a 'moment' was?)

If she only knew that 26 years from now, she could possibly be blogging about her toddler biting everyone in the nursery; why in the world her daughter won't take that nap that she wishes she could take; when her little boy is going to quit picking his nose and wiping it on Aunt Edna; and when her husband will get home from work so that she can lock herself in the bathroom, pantry, or closet for just 5 quiet minutes!!!...then, maybe she would just enjoy it while she can and take that little refreshing nap that she is so gonna miss. Actually, by then, her 3 year old will probably be blogging about her.

**By the way, my daughter has never bitten anyone, she doesn't have a nose-pickin' problem, nor does she have an Aunt Edna. But, that closet sounds pretty good right now.**

The latest - "Mommy, is it time yet? I weally like you." How can I turn that down? While there may not be any hope for a nap today, there is still a gorgeous afternoon waiting to be explored.

Afternoon: here we come.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know I am with you on the nap thing. I look forward to it each and every day. I dread the day that it is no more. Emmas sure come out with some cute things though. She is too sweet. Give her a hug and kiss from us.
Love you,


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