Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Rundown...or Run Over

1. Woke up very early to beat everyone else in town to the local Honda dealer. Not like it is that much of a popular place, but the car we wanted is extremely limited.

2. Fought tooth and nail for the deal we felt we deserved. They felt otherwise, but...I W.O.N. and that is all that matters. (smile)

3. E fell and got her worst boo-boo yet on the "chalk-walk" - better known to you and I as the sidewalk.

4. In reference to #3, we discovered that we have a little drama queen and were amazed that at 3 years old, they already know how to "milk" things. "Carry me. I can't walk."

5. Mid-afternoon movie of "The Rat Movie" ~ "Alvin & the Chipmunks" was too hard for E to remember. She just knew they looked like rats.

6. Dinner with some friends, then strawberry cheesecake, followed by a Botox Song ~ Don't Ask!

7. Late-night visit from Johnny Ringo, Doc Holiday & Wyatt Earp. Hmmm

8. Sunday morning - great worship & much needed. Dynamic message on kindness - ha! - much needed. Maybe I should have heard that message before tackling #2 you think?

9. 2 hour Sunday nap, followed up by a quick visit from family.

10. Last thing on the "rundown" was a some of the best friends anybody could ask for. Hoping for a happier ending to next weekend.

But Oh! Did I mention we got a new car? :c)

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