Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Work Ethics

E: "Gib me shugars mommy. I goin' to work now."

Me: "Okay baby. Have a great day. I love you."

E: "I got get my work hat on."

Me: "So where is it that you work again? What is it called?"

E: "Uuuummmm. It called Liberty Heart."

Me: "What kind of job is it? What kind of work do you do there?"

E: "It over toy-ees." "I gonna be late. Gotta go." "Awwh - day cosed now."

Me: "Oh no E! You missed work today? Do you think they are gonna fire you for not coming in?"

E: (very strange look as she tries to figure out what fire has to do with this conversation.) "Nah cuz' I juss don't feel like gowin'. I seepy today."

This is when her daddy interupts with a great big which point I'm sure he's thinking he wishes his job were like the jobs at Liberty Heart. You know - where they are over 'toy-ees'.

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