Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Well, it's not really manic at all. But, just what is it about Mondays?

You know what I'm talking about. It needs no explanation. It's Monday. (sounds a lot like "mundane" doesn't it?)

Something about this day of the week seems to set the bar for the week doesn't it? I don't know why.

My house is a mess. Does your house get destroyed every weekend like mine? It can be spotless on Friday evening. Then somewhere between Friday night and Sunday happens. Who wants to go into a brand new week with a strown and messy house? Evidently we do. Because it never fails and we don't seem to change.

Come Monday morning, I peek open my eyes, see the mess awaiting my attention and every bit of me wants to crawl back in and hide until next Monday morning. I step out from my bed and into my's not so bad. I put away a few things in there and continue to the kitchen to make some coffee...the path on the way is very disturbing...there are toys out that have not been played with - she only wanted to bring them out. There are multiple pairs of shoes that have been too lazy to walk themselves back to the closets that they belong in. There are drink cups from the night before that need to take a bath in the dishwasher - and we aren't even to the kitchen for the coffee yet. I won't even explain what it looks like in there.

The rest of the house? Nah...I'll spare you the mental picture that I could sooo paint in your mind right now. Oh and her room is a separate post of its' own.

Why do we allow this? Every Single Weekend...

This alone could easily make it feel like a 'Manic Monday' morning in just the few minutes after I'm out of bed. But, what else are Monday's for? I plan out the week in my mind on Monday.

I need to plan what's for dinner - not just tonight - but each night this week. Then, I need to shop for the week's menu.

Any appointments? Errands that need to be run? What day will work for a date with a girlfriend? Will she want to stop by afterward? Not-in-a-million-years if my house is still in this shape.

Oh yeah...what about that dinner I set for Thursday night at our house? Did I mention the people that are coming make neat-freaks look messy? There is not a clean enough word that I know to describe the wife. Which, by the way, is a compliment. Oh the things to do before then.

It's funny...after I'd already begun this post this afternoon, I picked up a devotional that was laying nearby and today's devotion was talking about feeling overwhelmed. This is a feeling I experience way to often. The book suggested making a list and going about it one step at a time. you seen my house? What step do you take first when every direction is calling you?

So, I digress...

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Nilz said...

Same here. There is a law in Thermodynamics I read, called 'Third Law' - it says the entropy of the Universe tends to become maximum, i.e., everything, as per nature's law tend to acquire a disordered state spontaneously... so, this has been my consolation when I look at my house. And above all, my Mom takes care of it nicely.


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