Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Talk

Lastnight, E was in the bathtub and all out of the blue, she starts singing "Me & Mrs. Jones."

I am a HUGE Michael Buble fan and have all of his cd's...but, it's been quite a while since she's heard that song. It's amazing how things just pop into their little heads.

"Me & Mrs. Jones"...am I a great example of a mother or what? hahaha

We were driving down the road in the afternoon and I was rushing to get her home in time for a nap. It was already getting late so she started falling asleep about halfway home. I turned the music off and started being really loud to keep her awake. I told her she had to stay awake until we got home.

In tears, "I weally wanna nap mommy!" She was getting aggravated with me somethin' awful.

So, I kept getting louder and louder and telling her to wake up and she yelled at me with all her might, "Mommy, I'm only asleep with my one eye!!"

Needless to say, we made it home and she slept like a baby.

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