Monday, January 19, 2009

Heavenly Kisses

Don't you just love how faithful God is? It was one of those days today that left me smiling at His love for us at day's end. Have you ever felt like God was playing games with you? In a good way? I's funny how He drops a little miracle or blessing in your life at~not just anytime, but the perfect time. His timing, after all, is always perfect!

I spent time with the Lord this morning in a way that I haven't done in quite some time. I don't mention this to bring myself any glory...but to bring all glory to Him. My time with Him this morning was just something special. I felt His presence and knew that mountains were moving. You know what I mean I'm sure!

So, as if almost to say "Thank you" for taking time out of my morning and giving Him the first fruits of my day... when coffee was calling me, laundry was piled up, emails were waiting, etc. He was just constantly dropping lil' tidbits of love on me all day. Not one of them may have meant a hill of beans to you or anyone else. But, they were kisses, Heavenly kisses custom-made.

Yes...Kisses from my Father!

I suggest you play this game tomorrow...or why wait for tomorrow? Start now! Only 2 players needed and He's always game!

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