Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Daily Dosage...Online

I just thought it would be neat to find out what my three visitors...haha...checked online each day.

I think those of us that are on the internet on a regular basis have our sites that we "frequent" each day or at least each week. What are yours'?

Here is a tidbit of my online routine:

* Gmail to check my email - that is first and foremost.
* Yahoo to check my other email...(I'm working on bringing them together.)
* Facebook ~ cuz you kNoW we have to keep up with our "peeps" on a daily basis. Of course, that takes a bit of time. Then, you end up chatting for a minute to a friend that may be logged on.
* MySpace (maybe a couple times a week) I am really liking FB better now. It just seems less - I dunno - highschool'ish.
* My Bank ~ gotta keep tabs with the money!
* Ebay - because I'm an ebay junkie! I have almost always got several things listed on there for sale so I log on regularly to see what the bidding is at on my items.

Check my "Kissin' Cousins" link in my sidebar to see the blogs that I keep up with. They are all great, but I have 2 or 3 of those that I just can't miss out on! They are my fav's!

I check these when I think of it: Craigslist and DealTaker (very cool site - check out the "Deals of the Day")

I'm sure I'll post more at another time. You know these things change quite often. We are always finding new sites to waste time on now aren't we?

So, again, what are yours'? Leave me a comment...


Anonymous said...

My online routine looks like this:
*First thing I check my Yahoo mail.
*Facebook~ cuz you know I'm addicted. On there a few times a day.
*Myspace~ I also don't get on here as much. I too prefer FB now.
*BOA~ Gotta know how broke I am.....
*Kisses from the Father~ A GREAT blog by my BF!
*The Way Life Is~ A blog by another friend.
*Woot.com~ They sell 1 item a day until it's run out. They have some good stuff.
*Craigslist~Finally sold my first item here.
*Weather~ gotta know what is gonna be like outside.
Then other random things here and there. Gotta love the internet!


Deanna said...

Email--First G mail (several times a day), then Yahoo
Google Reader-for all the blogs I follow
The Daily Motivator
And my blog for any comments I may have received.


The_Light's_Herald said...

mine is

yahoo mail-checkin my mail
blogger- read comments and blogs
yahoo groups- read updates on old friends
facebook, multiply- for social network
OneManga - to read my fave asian comics


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