Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I didn't expect the "peer" problem to come as early as 3 years old. But, it has. It is proving to be tough too.

How do you best explain to a toddler that she needs to be careful who she plays with without teaching her at this young age to quit talking to someone or to be ugly to someone?

I have caught myself wondering, "Why is it my child that is being affected by another?" "Why can't I just hear of it happening to someone else instead?" I know that is totally selfish of me and the fact is...I trust that the Lord knows that we, as her parents, will seek Him in this matter and let Him show us what to do. Maybe some other kid's parents would deal with it in a way that wasn't appropriate ~ or worse ~ maybe they wouldn't deal with it at all! I know that a lot of parents ignore things that shouldn't be ignored and/or just brush it off thinking the situation will go away. Only to find out that the learned behavior - never corrected - has become a major issue.

I am an overprotective mother. We are overprotective parents. There...I said it. I am proud of the fact. We are living in 2009 and you have to be that way! For example, we don't do magic...We don't support magic or watch things that get all into it. Unfortunately most children's shows have some element of it in there, which can't completely be avoided. But, we are careful of what her little ears hear; eyes see; etc.

See, E doesn't belong to us. She is His. He has just trusted her little life to us and expects us to care for her as best we can. We aren't perfect at it and never will be, but we strive to do what we feel is in her best interest. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and every other "~ally!"

Therefore, we teach our child to love everyone and if she is anything like I was growing up, she will be burdened for those children that are different; the one's that don't have the popular things that others have; the one's that no one else talks to; etc. I was one of those that was friends with everyone. I was best of friends with the popular kids and turned around and spent the weekend with "that girl." It didn't bother me! I disliked cliques and still do.

So I tread very lightly on the issue of "not playing with so & so" until she can better understand my reasons behind it. I will certainly not tread lightly when it comes to being a teenager and hanging with the wrong crowd...then, it will be different.

Now though, at the time when she is learning life's little lessons...She is learning to show everyone love and to be a friend to her little classmates, I am at a loss. We have reconciled with the fact that she is His and her little spirit needs to be protected from some things. Yes, she will be exposed to all sorts of things on this heathen earth, but I am Mama and during these pre-school days, I'll stand in the way!

My name is Stacey Baker and I am an overprotective mother. :)


Anonymous said...

E is blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy like you - and we are blessed as well! Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with everything you had to say. So I guess I should say.... My name is Kristen Krueger and I too am an overprotective mother.

Morgan said...

I definanatly agree that in 2009, we have to be carefull about what our children see, hear, and who they play with.

Question, though, when you say magic, do you mean magic tricks too? Or magic sorcerers or both?

Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you for commenting on my post about releasing your children. Sounds like your little one has great parents who intend to walk by faith and invest in her spiritual upbringing. Blessings.

Bev said...

I really think you can just say you're a Godly parent. Doing what you were called to do, by Him, certainly isn't being overprotective, nor is just putting boundaries between them and what some in the world consider okay. Sounds to me like she's blessed to have been sent to your home.

Anonymous said...

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