Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get it out!

Don't you know how bothersome it is when you have something in your eye...that is not supposed to be there?

This was the case this afternoon. My eye starts itching and I rub at it and then bat it a few times to see if it's any better. Then it gets worse and I'm poking it and digging in it almost uncontrollably trying to relieve the nagging itch.

I move to a mirror because now my eye is watering. So much so that I appear to be crying.

Something is wrong. Something doesn't belong. Is it a speck of mascara, one of my bangs that has managed to find its' way in there, an eyelash? Whatever it is ~ is not supposed to be.

Before this began, I was in the process of making lunch. But, at this point, I can't concentrate on anything else until my eye is back to normal.

It's gotten everything else out of whack.

I know this sounds dramatic, but isn't that how it goes when we have sin in our lives? I mean, we all have sin in our lives. But, those everyday sins that pop their ugly heads up and we never deal with them. We keep sweeping them under the rug.

Sin that knocks us off kilter; throws us out of whack. Just like I couldn't concentrate on the simple task that I was doing at first until I ridded my eye of the foreign object. When we have sin in our lives and don't deal with it daily...or hourly if need be - we lose sight of what we should be concentrating on in the first place don't we? In fact, sin isn't complacent. It doesn't just stay the same. If it's allowed to stay in the first place, it begins to grow and grow until it's impossible to focus on that pure life that we've been called to have.

Since we know the importance of dealing with sin, why don't we work harder at it? Why do we let it hang around? We have a Heavenly Father that is able and willing to forgive us, if we only ask. He died so that you could be forgiven. His blood was shed so that we wouldn't have to be stuck with things in our lives that just aren't supposed to be. Those nagging things that knock us off kilter.

Just ask.

Thank you Lord for your forgiveness. Help this to be a gentle reminder to everyone who reads of the importance of daily confession of our sins, myself included. Give us a passion for the pure life that you desire us to have. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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