Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springin' In

Spring. What does that mean to you?

Yes, with it comes colds, yellow cars from pollen, fat bumble bees and lots of other funk! But, to me, Spring is the sign of renewal. My azalea's are more beautiful and big than they've ever been before. The color so vibrant and bold. Everytime I pull into my driveaway, I look up, amazed at them.

You see, I have nowhere close to a green thumb. It's not that I couldn't have if I tried. But, that's it. I don't try. That is why these type of flowers are the only flowers you will find in my yard right now. Well, unless you count the cute little yellow flowers called WEEDS!!! Azalea's don't need much attention so it seems - since they don't get it from me.

Since the first year they were planted, they've tried to bloom and some have succeeded. Not many. Then, the next year, they decided they'd try again and there may have been a few more. Small blooms though. The rest of them always appeared to be struggling.

Still, they don't stop trying. They don't know what else to do but try and poke their pretty little heads up come the first sign of Spring. Here they are, probably 3 years after they were planted and guess what?

They have finally made it. All of them...and they brought friends so it seems. They have just recently exploded and I have had quite a few people commenting on them. I was going to say something here about the irony between my azaleas finally "arriving" 3 years after they were planted and the fact that we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. But, I thought that some of you may consider that a bit inappropriate. I don't take His resurrection lightly at all, but it is neat how when you are a Christian - there are so many things that you can tie together like that. Even as corny as this analogy is. (smile)

Now, I figured I would let you see how pretty they are here. There is no way though that you can see my whole yard in its' entirety. Y'all, my yard itself looks like - well, let's just say that if weeds are in this year, then we will win an Oscar or something.

Where was I? Oh back to the point of this post.

Spring ~ Ahhh ~ I love the feeling I feel right now of a fresh, new start. Whether with my spiritual walk, friendships, family...or even things like my yard (de-weeded), my hope for a fresh, clean house or for my business. Something about this season always starts off for me with the feeling that a weight has been lifted from my chest.

I can breathe again. The "funk" from the 3 seasons past is gone. Now, like my azalea's, I'm gonna try again. Maybe this go around will be the one where I finally "arrive."

Here's to you Spring!! Welcome!! Welcome!!

Now, my gardenia bushes...well, I won't even go there.

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