Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Morning Lord

I wouldn’t call myself a “morning person.” However, I am very pleasant most mornings and love the idea of a fresh start to a new day. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I had the previous day; what kind of attitudes we had with each other; what kind of mood E was in or how much trouble she managed to get into. The morning is new…

Most mornings, my husband is already gone to work when I wake up – or he wakes me up when he leaves. But, when I wake up, I can’t wait to call him and say our “Good mornings!” If I don’t call him quickly, he’s calling me to ask why I’ve not called him and to say he loves me.

I love the pitter-patter of E’s little feet running across our floors to find me when she gets out of bed each day. She is anxious for that greeting, as am I! We squeeze and hug and kiss and ask each other (yes, she asks me too), “Did you sleep good last night?”

After our greetings, we start our day, our morning routine.

I usually have my prayer time in the shower or while I dry my hair. So, one day last week, I was just having a hard time with waking up and just couldn’t put forth the energy to pray or sing or anything. I just wanted to “slide by” and…I could always “make up for it later” right?

I did just that. I got focused on getting ready and rushing out the door and before I knew it, I was hours into my day and had not given even a brief couple of minutes with the Lord a second thought.

Suddenly, the thought popped into my head... I began to imagine how horrible it would be if – just humor me here – I woke up one morning, Kevin was gone to work. I walk into the den to find E sitting on the couch or watching t.v. and I get in the shower, finish getting ready, drink my coffee, fix E her breakfast, get her dressed and ready for school. We then leave for school, drive all the way, I drop her off with a smile only, she walks into her class - away from me – and begins her day. I go about my routine never making a phone call to a soul and my phone never ringing.

--- Keep in mind, none of us have spoken a word to each other at this point. ---

It’s 12:30 and I pick E up from school, get home to fix lunch, then she lays down for a nap and awakens to play in her room for a bit. I knock on her door and motion to a snack that I’ve prepared for her in the kitchen and then I begin to make preparations for dinner or whatever plans we have that evening.

At some point, Kevin comes in from work…I may greet him at the front door with a hug and kiss, but still never speaking. Our evening progresses and before we know it, the day has passed and we’ll be heading to bed soon.

As E crawls in her bed, she says, “Hey Mommy! How are you? Thank you for everything today. I love you and goodnight!” She falls asleep, too tired to talk anymore.

Kevin usually goes to bed before I do because I am a night-owl. So soon, he tells me “Goodnight” …maybe even “Thanks for dinner (hours after-the-fact). It was great!” and he’s snoring in a matter of minutes.

Do you have chills? I do just typing this!

I have never had a day like this nor do I plan to. If I did, I think I’d lose my mind! If this scenario proved to be true though, I would have spent the entire day awaiting conversation or acknowledgment from the loves of my life! They, in turn, would have been longing for the same.

Isn’t that how we are with God?

I’m guilty. We wake up too tired, or rushed and put our time with Him on hold or on the back burner. Before we know it, our day is through. We realize we never even “greeted” Him, to say the least, so we squeeze in an “itty bitty” prayer before drifting off to sleep. “Hey Lord! Thanks for this day and your blessings! Goodnight!” We are too tired and are beginning to dose off during just those short few words.

…When He’s been waiting…A-L-L day…for the loves of His life to talk to Him or acknowledge Him.

But, His beloved (us) were just too busy.


Anonymous said...

WOW... this is So very true and hits home with me. I too am guilty of saying "I will just catch up later". Then something always gets my attention and then before I know it the morning is gone. Then in no time somthing strikes a nerve that maybe normally would not, and I wonder WHY? And I know it's my own fault, I have neglected to start my day off without even speaking to the Lord. I pray that I CAN and I WILL be better about this from this day on.
Thank you for this post. I needed it today more than you know!!!!

Joni said...

What an awesome post! Thank you for reminding us that we should always thank our Heavenly Father first and foremost every day for everything! Be blessed Stacy!!



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