Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week of Firsts

So this has been a great week for us! It's been busy, but Spring is in the air (for now) and we are loving this beautiful GA weather!! At the moment, the skies are as blue as can be, there is a cool breeze blowing. I can hear the sound of people moving around and working outside - finding an excuse, like me, to get out if only for a few minutes. Something about days like this just call and beckon you to come out and bask in the beauty of God's gorgeous creations!

We have had some firsts this week and it's been neat. E brought home her very first progress report on Tuesday, which was WONDERFUL, by the way. The reports from her teacher have been so positive and outstanding and I can't wait to reward her for this. Her choice for her reward is Chuck E. Cheese, of course! We're going to make a big deal of this!

The small things that we will be working to teach her or for her to improve upon are manipulating zippers, buttons and snaps a bit better. I've spoiled her in that area because as you mommies know, it's just easier to do it myself!

So, today, she had her first school Valentines party and exchanged her little valentines with her school mates. It's so sweet. This is what I walked into the party and saw:

Chocolate face... This is the only time she even touched the cheese sandwich in hand. Like any smart person would do, she chose the chocolate cupcake over that.

Do they not look like they are teenagers... the way he is posing? This is one of her best buddies that goes to school and church with her. He is Mr. Personality and adorable!

Look at this face!!

I love this! She doesn't like to post for pictures much, but when you have her get in a picture with another child, she loves it!

My little school girl.

After coming home with all of her Valentines goodies, we dug straight in for the sugar! Another first? She enjoyed her very first Fun Dip. I should have gotten a picture. I had to teach her how to do it and she was in sugar heaven. I think she got almost every grain of Fun Dip powder that she could, although about a tablespoon of it ended up on the floor.

I also signed her up for K-4 this week. It's unreal how fast this first year of pre-school is flying by. I hope this isn't a sign of how quickly we will arrive at elementary, junior high and high school. Oh.My.Word!

Happy Thursday before Valentines!


Anonymous said...

She really is growing up too fast. I love the pictures! Such a sweet girl :)


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! That's Gamma's angel!!! She is smart - I'd have gone for the chocolate over a cheese sandwich too.

Mama B said...

It does go fast, doesn't it! My oldest is 9! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. And my "baby' will be 3 in July. Where does the time go?


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