Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Father's Kisses

As I was ironing today, my (2 yr. old) daughter, Emma, came running in and crying. She was rubbing her head and said, "Mommy, need you kiss it." She had been playing with her JoJo doll too close to the coffee table and it evidently defended itself and took a swing at her. I bent down and scooped her up and kissed her head where she was rubbing. Then, she gets down and says, "All better now." and ran out of the room as if it never occurred.

I cannot tell you how many times during the day she asks me to kiss her boo-boo's. Sometimes the "owie" is a mere red spot on her arm, an old bruise on her leg or even an ink mark that she thinks is one. Other times, it is a serious boo-boo that makes me want to cry because I know it has to hurt! No matter how it happened or whose fault it was, no matter the degree of the boo-boo, and no matter how many tears are coming, when Mommy or Daddy kisses it, it is suddenly HEALED!! In most cases and like today, she goes right back to whatever she was doing when it happened, or when the coffee table attacked her head...

Isn't it amazing that children truly believe this works? I believe it actually does work for them, through their child-like faith. Their faith is in the nurture of those that love them.

We have many privileges as mommie's to learn so much about the love of God through our children...if we would just let Him speak to us instead of ignoring that still, small voice as we are engulfed in our busy days. We are all guilty of that.

I feel like the Lord spoke to me as my lips kissed my angel's head today, as that one simple touch from her mother took all of her pain away..."All better now." Would I rather things go any differently? I have waited all of my life to have a child that comes running to me with the smallest or largest of pains.

How do you think our Heavenly Father feels? He is anxiously awaiting our call to Him every single day! "Father God, Daddy, Jesus...the coffee table attacked me. I messed up (again)! I was playing a little too close to it, even though you've instructed me not to. I have a boo-boo now that I need you to kiss." OR "I have this old bruise right here (this certain situation) that is taking a long time to go away. Can you tell me it's gonna be okay? Can you keep the pressure off of it so that it will heal?" OR "This dirty ink stain needs cleansing. It's my fault that it got there. I was being careless, but can you wash it away?"

We have a constant boo-boo healer in Jesus Christ. One that would love nothing more than for us to call on Him for EVERYTHING and in EVERY situation. He wants to meet all of our needs - and He is A-B-L-E! (to do exceedingly above anything we could ever ask or think!) WHY do we take matters into our own hands; WHY do we grumble and complain to others about our problems and roll around in self-pity; WHY do we not trust Him completely with our needs? When all we have to do is run to Him and ask for His supernatural kisses.

Receive all of those kisses that He wants to lavish upon you today! Then, you will say...

"All better now."
Have a blessed day!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks - now I have those wet things running down my face. I'm remembering how I felt when you ran to me to kiss your boo-boos. I loved it then - and I love it now (not that you have real boo-boos to be kissed - I just love being YOUR mom.) Emma is blessed to have you to run to, especially since you're teaching her that when she runs to our Lord and Savior that He wipes more than our tears away and heals more than boo-boos. I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey, way to go kid! Makes you sad to know there are so many "little ones" out there with no one to run to when they hurt. And...many who will never have a mommie who will teach them about the love of Jesus like you teach Emma.

I'm proud of you!.

Kristen said...

Wow!! Stacey that was great!! I really enjoyed reading it. You are such a great woman of God and a blessing in my life. You have a special gift keep it up. I look forward to reading more!
Love you,


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