Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Museum Pictures

A sweet lady took this picture of us yesterday at the museum. We were actually laying on a huge, stuffed cow inside of a barn prop. But, I had to crop the picture because it was too far off. Turned out cute though...

This was one of Emma's favorite exhibits (and mine & Kevin's too.) Tell me this doesn't look exactly like a real ice cream cone? Well, Emma acted for us like she was going to lick it. But, she knew it wasn't real. It's called Moon Sand and it was so cool. It felt just like wet sand and you could make all sorts of stuff with it. There were more adults at this station than anywhere I think.

Isn't our lil' artist as cute as can be?

We couldn't believe how clean she managed to stay because the other kids were covered. They had their hands in it and it was on their faces too. This one is just a little priss and like her mommy was, she does NOT like to get dirty.

I will post more pics tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boy - you said that right! You never wanted anything on your hands, feet, or clothes. Can't tell you how many times you wanted to change clothes (even as a little one). Glad yall had a great time - you deserve it!

Love you all four (yeah, you two, JR).



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