Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation time...at last

What a joy it has already been spending the past few days with my hubby and daughter!! I'm always with her, but the 3 of us don't get a ton of family time together and her daddy is enjoying this time with her. And it has just begun. The week started off yesterday with a call at 12 a.m. from my friend, Amber, whose water FINALLY broke and was on her way to the hospital!

So, we got up yesterday morning and headed straight to the hospital to see precious little, "Clara Belle" who is absolutely adorable!! Oh my goodness...those cheeks!! I don't know how I'm gonna resist "nibbling" on them!! She is the perfect mixture of her mommy, daddy, and big brother, Trevor. Wish you could see...

Then, we headed to Atlanta for the day and were stuck in traffic on the highway. Listen, it took us LITERALLY almost an hour to go 2 MILES people! Urrggghhhh. We get to the end of the traffic to find 2 men on their knees fixing 2 small holes in the road. They looked like they were barely moving too. Are you kidding me? Time to vent: I think they do this just 'cause they can a lot of times don't you? We were expecting the highway to be all torn up or something!!

Anyway, we made it to our destination: The "Imagine-It" Children's Museum! Emma had a blast! I'll post pics later today. We had a little trouble finding our way back to the highway after leaving the museum. I was a little shaken and praying hard...we found ourselves on a One-Way road and heading straight for the not-so-good part of town. Can't turn around on a one way road ya know. We had no choice, but to keep going...But, once again, we made it.

Kevin and I were commenting how fun it is to not have anything in particular planned this week. We go somewhere for vacation every year and have a schedule to keep...things to do and see. But, this year, we decided to fly by the seat of our pants and take things day by day. I'll tell you it is really nice and less stressful.

He is still in the bed at the moment sound asleep and it is going on 10:00. What a treat for him! He deserves all the rest he can get because he is such a hard worker and wonderful provider for me and Emma.

Well, housework still exists...even on vacation. I'm off to clean house now. That's okay though. My house, although it's messy, is just another kiss from my Father above. At least we have houses to clean right?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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