Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Itchin

19 days remain until my very first cruise y'all! Don't worry though...nobody's counting.

No really - I've been excited, but now that we've passed the 3 week point, oh my goodness I can hardly wait!

I'm working out ~ HA! ~ which is weird for my lil' fingers to even type. I am going to join the tanning bed this week for one purpose and that is so my skin isn't thrown into crazy shock from the sun. I don't tan. I am white! "Casper ain't got nuttin' on me."

aNyWaY though ~ I'm eXcItEd. I can't wait to do things that I may not get to do again. Swim with Flipper...maybe even get a smooch from him, snorkel with Nemo, ride down the beach on a bareback Mr. Ed, oh and possibly chill somewhere with Jonah's whale. I know we'll have a full schedule of things to do, but I may even try and squeeze in a latte with George & Jane...who better to give me a tour of the jungle right? And who needs to walk or take a trolley? I'll be swingin' from trees baby!

Oh sorry. I'm back. I know I was gettin' a little carried away. I think I lost Mr. Ed's email address anyway.

So, since this is our very first cruise and although we are going with great friends, which happen to be veteran cruisers :o) - I thought I would open this post up for any advice/tips that you can offer. Anything related to a cruise.

Packing, traveling, dealing with sea-sickness, how to NOT.GO.CRAZY without seeing my daughter for that long.

If any of you already know Flipper and would like to send him a message, now is your chance to. Oh and that silly Nemo...if you've swam with him in the past, would you mind giving me instructions for finding him?

Can't wait to hear from ya!


Anonymous said...

I would recommend that you take a picture of Emma to put beside your bed. It may help you to feel close to her.
Remember to take a hat, sunglasses, sunblock and aloe. We all know you are gonna burn that white as Casper skin. LOL. As far a sea sickness I don't think that will be much of an issue. The ship is huge so you will hardly know you are moving. And if you do get sick they have stuff on the ship for you to take.
Most of all have FUN!! Relax and enjoy your vacation. And take lots and lots of pictures for us all to enjoy. I am ready to go on another cruise myself. I am hoping for next Spring!! I will miss you while you are gone. Have a great time!!
Love you,

Jennifer said...

I hope you two have a great time. Make sure if you out on the deck to look at the horizon not the water. Alot of people get sick because they don't know this. They also have a wonderful motion sickness patch that goes behind you ear. Ask your doctor. You can still get sick on a huge ship I have and so has my mother. Of course we may be very unique cases. Yes, I think taking a picture of Emma with you is a great idea. Don't forget that most ships also have internet access and you could email back and forth with your mom to stay connected. Ok, I guess that is all for now. Be blessed.



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