Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toddler Talk

This is going to be a hodge podge of stuff, but I just have to share some of the latest things from E's mouth.
A couple of her newest words are "eider" (either) and "instead" - used at the most appropriate times. "I think I like dis one instead." or "I don't want eider one of doze."

Tonight, we were on the way to the mall to make an exchange and she was so excited to be going to "Jason's Pennies"...better known as "JC Penneys" to most.

And you can tell we shop way too much. She loves to conversate about going to AC Moore, Sears, Old Navy"s", Target"s" or Wal-"Motts". Just don't try and get her to say Bed, Bath & Beyond yet. That's almost too many B's for me.

She has had a tummy bug this week and the doctor's office said to keep her on a clear liquid diet and give her Gatorade, which she affectionately calls her "Alligator" drink.

As I am typing this, she is laying in bed fighting sleep and making silly, off-the-wall comments, such as, "You bwakin' my heart man. You know what I mean?" What in the world...Where did this come from?

...This is another that I just heard. I am sitting here in silence hoping she is falling asleep and out comes, "Hey, you betta be kiyet mommy. I twyin' to take a nap." "OOOOH! Man, I just bit my tum (tongue) again."

Last week, there was a preacher on t.v. and she was watching it while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I came around the corner and she had her hands raised, eyes closed and was pacing the floor saying, "Yes God. Holy Spiwitt. Yes God. Holy Spiwitt." J.R., our dog, got under her and she pushed him and said, "Go on Jee-ahr, I twyin' to pway heeah." Then, she looked up and said, "Uh mommy - Why you watchin' me?"

It's amazing how much they listen to the way we talk and word things.

She has decided that she likes to call us by name, but mostly me. "Miss Stacey" usually. Or - as if she is a teenager - "Mo-omm!!"...2 syllables.

I could go on and on since we are talking about my favorite subject. But, I'll save some stuff for a future post even though she gives us new material each hour it seems.

I tell you: Having an almost 3 year old around keeps you on your toes about what you watch, what you say, what attitude you choose to have, etc. They watch your every move. I mean, who else would they learn to emulate?

Oh Lord, help me do this thing right.


3cookieday said...

Ooooh, she is adorable. What a cutie and I love the way she talks. I can just hear it in my head the way you write it! I need to start watching my attitude as I have a 15 month old and it won't hurt to start early!

Anonymous said...
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Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Oh my goodness, too cute for words! She's a doll baby!

Mum-me said...

Your little girl is so cute - photo is adorable. I just love the toddler talk and have been trying to write down the exact way my girls speak. You have done it really well, I can just imagine how it sounds.


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