Friday, April 25, 2008

We've got winners

Okay so WOW what an awesome turnout I had for both giveaways. I was amazed and tried my hardest to follow up with most of you. If I didn't follow up with you, then here's a big Thank You for stopping by and I welcome you to "visit" anytime!

Alright so:

Giveaway #1 ~ one bag of Mia Melts ~ goes to Lesha of The Bargain Shopper. Y'all check out this blog too...there's some great finds on here.

Giveaway #2 ~ one tube of Bella Balm lotion ~ goes to Julie of Nebraska. (no blog to link to)

It is certainly a delight of mine to give away such awesome products. I know you ladies are truly going to enjoy these. Congratulations to you both.

For any of you that are interested, you can order directly from my online store. Try out some of these amazing products for yourself.

Thanks again!

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