Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So, it's been quite a while since I've done one of these and I feel that it's time to list some things that I'm thankful for...from small things to big things.

1. I am thankful for the prayer time that we had at church lastnight. I was just about to slip out when the pastor's wife asked us to pray with each other. 35 minutes later, I was still there and so glad I chose to stay and be ministered to.

2. Thank You Lord for the boldness that you are developing inside of me to talk about You, share Your Word and pray for others. As I step out of my comfort zone, I can feel You leading me down the path You have chosen. Thank You for holding my hand as I follow.

3. I am thankful for the quiet in my home right now. That leads me to saying, "Thank You Lord" for the quiet in my life right now. We all have storms and my life is not free of them, but even in the storm, there is a quiet place. A place where our Father says, "Be still and know that I Am God." It's quiet now...and YES You Are!

4. Thank You Lord for Your nudging during last week's trials and Your gentle, but constant reminders of 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. "My grace is sufficient for You for My strength is made perfect in weakness." I saw you move greatly and now I am relying on that grace.

5. Lastly, I am so thankful that You, God, make all things new. No matter how horribly we mess up. We fail and we fail BIG time! We let each other down, but most importantly, we let You down repeatedly. You forgive. But then you go even further and forget. And You make us new. You let us start over. Time after time after time. Thank You Lord.

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