Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anowa Kiss Please

Anowa? (a.k.a. Another) Miss E suddenly thinks it's hilarious to wipe our kisses off! Wonder where she got this from? Mamaw! (my grandmother)

Oh y'all! I could go on and on about the stuff she is teaching her. Don't get me started! Some are cute and some concern me. Seriously.

I just put Emma to bed and she keeps calling me in there for "anowa kiss please mommy." How can I turn that plea down? It's usually her saying - NO, demanding, "Mommy, cover me up!!!' Demands don't move me at all! "Cover yourself up E!"

But, oh how my heart melted to hear her begging for another kiss! I couldn't get in there fast enough to kiss that precious heart of mine just one more time...or anowa...or anowa. I lean over into her crib and kiss her, only to get the response of, "Uckkk!" as she wipes her cheeks and laughs.

Oh how I savor the moment! At least she still asks for my sugars!



Amber said...

Laughing at this post...
Just the other day when I walked Trev down the hall at school, I hugged and kissed him bye as he was walking with a friend to the kindergarten well. When he walked away from me, he began to wipe his kisses off. He apparently got embarrassed because I kissed him in front of his friend. At least he came up with a clever excuse that he was just rubbing my kisses in! All I could do was laugh.

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness. I am so not ready for those days yet girl! They get here so much faster than you wish for though.

Kiss him lots while you still can...

Melody said...

People should read this.


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