Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fun in the crib-fort

E played in her very first "fort" yesterday. She was surprised when she woke up from her nap and mommy climbed in her crib, along with camera, snacks and stuffed animals to play with.

Oh - and a big sheet to act as our fort ceiling.

Okay, so I know some kids can really get all into real forts or some "happenin'" fake forts, but she is just 2 people! A sheet over her crib was pretty adventerous to her and oh my how she loved it!

My parents came over after work yesterday to find us in the crib hangin' out and she looked at her granddad and said, "Dadaddy, GET IN!!" Thanks heavens for a sturdy crib...just kiddin'...he didn't!

I had so much fun in there with her and plan to do this as many more times as we can before her big girl bed arrives from Santa. (SHHH don't tell her.)

Here is J.R. wondering what in the world we are up to.
Emma wanted him to get in with us.
Community crib...


Anonymous said...

Love it, the pics are great!! J.R. looks so funny outside the fort!! I remember when my brothers were little (so long ago now) but we would play fort much like Emma and yourself. Emma is so adorable, and so girly girly.. I only hope my daughter (when I have one) turns out much like Emma! And I will definitely pray that she has the hair that Emma is blessed with ;)

Well you guys have fun playing fort again and I will get back to boring work!!

Love you all,
Tiff H.

Amber said...

I just love this! Fort time is so much fun. I can just picture you in the crib, too. Next time, please post a pic of the 2 of you.

Love you,


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