Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pick It Up.

This morning, I was rushing around trying to get us out the door on time and sat down to eat a quick bite. My Bible was laying on the table next to me and as I glanced at it, I clearly heard, "Pick it up. Pick it up." in my spirit. I checked the time only to see that I was later than planned (always!) and ignored the sweet, soft whisper of the Holy Spirit. The Lord just wanted His time with me and once again, I placed Him on the "if I get a minute today" list.

Well, within a matter of minutes, something terrible happened that strongly discouraged me...and downright depressed me.

Now, I am certainly not saying that the Lord did this to me as punishment. But, I am totally aware that had I just followed the urge of the Spirit to give my first-fruits of the day to the One who even blessed me with much easier would my problem have been to face?

How much more hope would I have had to stare that discouragement and depression in the face with? How much would that Word have encouraged me and given me confidence that no matter what I face this morning, tomorrow or any other day...I am in the Master's hand.

That "Pick it up. Pick it up." was simply going to be the "insurance" I needed to be covered by the holy, unfailing, Word of God.

We can't ignore those soft, but stern utterances from the Holy Spirit. You never know what they are there for...but He does.

Another lesson learned.

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