Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Puzzle Pieces

Tonight, I was putting puzzles together with E. She loves to do puzzles - for hours if we'd let her.

As I watched her trying to fit the pieces together, I realized something.

She will push so hard on a piece and grunt while pushing on them. If they don't go in, she will keep turning them until she gets a bit closer. Then, when it is almost in just right - literally one end is in and she only needs to push a little bit more...what happens?

She gives up and says, "Mommy can you fix it?"

WOW! Think about this. How often do things in our lives get out of place? The pieces get spilled and we pick them up and try to put things back together. We try & push and try & grunt and we get it "almost there", but we just don't realize how close we are. Then, we drop the pieces and want someone else to pick them up!

In the same way as I say to E, our Heavenly Father is saying, "That's it. You've almost got it! Push a little harder." He is cheering for what we've accomplished so far and He sees how close we are to making it. Then, we just give up. We let go.

We may start trying to put the wrong piece in the wrong spot. We fill our "spots" with things that don't belong there.

Then, we get the right piece, but it just needs some adjusting. We have to keep working with it and being persistent.

Finally, it's there - where it belongs and we are turned in the right direction. The piece might slip (as we all do), so we work with it again and get in back in place. After all that work, we can choose to give it those extra pushes that it needs or we can give up and hope that someone will fix our problems for us. Which ain't gonna happen.

Next time, you get tired of pushing and you feel like giving up, hear that still, small voice of the Father in your corner cheering you on. You may not realize how close you are to your blessings, your answers, but He does. He is already at the completion of the puzzle waiting for you.

Keep on working.

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