Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's in the air

...for today anyway. You know how Georgia weather is - next week we could be sweating our fannies off again.

But, for now - Oh today - It Is In The Air! Our first steps out into the cool air this morning proved a 'wee' bit chilly. Not much though. It was so nice. The wind is blowing, the sky is the perfect shade of blue, with a few puffy bright clouds here and there. The colors will soon be changing...I love this time of year. Can you tell?

I get anxious around this time each year. There is so much planning to be done and so much time to be spent with friends (old and new) & family.

Before we know it, we will be dressing our lil' pumpkin up in a costume for that holiday...you know the one we don't celebrate! Dressing up is still fun though. But, how can we improve on her "natural" cuteness? Hmmm.

We will be making preparations for those Thanksgiving meals. Inviting family over and friends who we've adopted as family. Playing games. Watching football - yes, even me. (just not understanding) Going hunting - no, not me. But, I do have a gun that I love to shoot! Going fishing - just don't ask me to bait the hook. (ewhh) Having bonfires with buddies & hoping it's cool enough for Smores.

There are so many things to enjoy during this season. But, to me this time of year is when most memories are made with friends, reminiscing is done with old friends and family and it's the perfect time of year to snuggle with the one you love.
I'd like to hear what your traditions are for this time of year and what things you are looking forward to over the next couple of months.
Here's to Fall!


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the fall!!

Fall: When I walk out into the morning, or early night and feel the wind blowing on my face, what a refreshing calm. It's like your inside beams, it's a rejuvenated energy released.. It definitely is exciting this time of year, we have so much to look forward to doing.

Kiss the hot, smoltering sun and humidity goodbye and so long for two seasons and sit back and relax.
This is truly the time for family, friends and did we mention MORE FOOTBALL!!

It's the time to pull for the best college team around (that is right ROLL TIDE ROLL!!) I finally think we are making a comeback! ;)

But during this time I love to see the kids faces light up when they get to pick out a costume or when they arrive at a Harvest or Hallelujah Festival at church! Time to feel them up with so much sugar they bounce off the walls. Bond fires, I have not been to one in awhile but have loved them over the years and smores (very good!)

And of course what would Fall be like without the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING SALES; we all know the one you used to show up at 5:00 in the morning but now you have to spend the night in order to get a gift.. (however, if you ask me some things never go on sale..) But most of all and certainly not least Thanksgiving itself, family, friends and the sweet Mercy and Grace our Heavenly Father has so graciously extended us over the year. My goodness, I have so much to be thankful for and often times I take things for granted but as the days grow longer in the fall my praises too grow longer. What My God has blessed me with and the things He continues to provide allow me to FALL to my knees during this season and give Him what He so deserves, our Worship.

WE love you Stacey and your family, thank you for always opening your heart and writing to us!!

P.S. especially to Kevin (fall also bears time) for the ALABAMA Vs. AUBURN GAME in November!


Stacey said...

Wow Tiff: I love how you described it as a "rejuvenated energy released." How author"ish" does THAT sound! You go girl!

Perfect description I think!

Anonymous said...

I'm a spring and summer fan myself - but you've certainly made me "re-think" how I feel about fall. Just, please - no football!

Amber said...

This time of year is my favorite, too. The cool breezes are wonderful! Some of my favorite things are football (GO DAWGS!), rocking on the front porch in the cool evenings, playing outside with Trevor and not sweating to death, going for walks, just being outside, etc... I look forward to the Harvest festival this year especially because I can dress Trevor and Clara up in cute costumes.
I know that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I love to cook a big Thanksgiving meal. I can smell the sweet potatoe souffle cooking. I love my Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer that is out this time of year. I look forward to turkey and dressing. Oh yes, and knowing Christmas is around the corner. I love to decorate for fall and winter (Christmas!).
I am not big on the day after Thanksgiving sales. I did that one year and waited in line at Toys R Us for hours just to check out. It was horrible. I can't stand to see the people fight over things like they do. I would just rather go and get things at my leisure.
I love to get together with friends this time of year, too! Making memories and the all the laughs are special times. Watching the kids play and grow up together is a blessing, too.
Oh how I am so thankful for this time of year and my friends and family!
Now, I will stop rambling and go get me coffee with pumpkin spice!
Love ya girl!


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