Friday, August 17, 2007

Some "Buddy" This Pass Was

** This was written on Monday, August 13th **

Well, folks…it is now 5:00 p.m. and I am STILL IN THE ATLANTA AIRPORT. We arrived here at 7:00 this morning. Yes, we have been here for 10 L.O.N.G. hours now and our visit is not over yet.

We are (supposed to be) flying to my company’s Summer Fling/convention (see last post) and we should have been there by 12:30 today. Ever heard of a "buddy pass?" If so, don’t ever use one…If not, there is really NO need to inquire about one.

Well, since you are aching to know, I will tell you anyway…A buddy pass is when you know someone who works for the airline and you can fly by way of their employee benefits. The tickets are hugely discounted and well, you get what you pay for in this case I guess. The price is great! However, there is one little catch to this. Oh OOPS did I say “little” – it is a HUGE downside. Buddy passes mean that the person traveling is on “Standby” and there is a “slight” chance HHHAAA that you can be bumped and moved to the next flight because the people that actually pay full ticket price have priority over you. Makes sense right?

Well, not only were we bumped from the first flight, the original flight at 10:17 a.m.…We were also bumped off of the next flight which was 2:51. There are only 3 flights per day to where we are traveling and the last one is at 8:57 and we are holding our breath. WHEW!!

The worst part??? Our luggage didn’t get bumped! It went with the first/original flight and is awaiting our arrival. It’s probably feeling a little impatient by this point don’t ya think? Yeah, me too. Oh and it only gets better! Like traveling with a 2 year old is not an ordeal in and of itself – her diapers are also with our luggage! The wonderful Virtuous Wife and Mother that I am didn’t expect these travel difficulties and didn’t pack an extra outfit, diapers, etc.

We really need the Lord’s favor on our traveling plans this week! Not that we haven’t had His favor thus far. We all know that “everything happens for a REASON” and sometimes we never find out what those reasons are, but we just trust in Him in the good times and BAD. Although if you were around me right now, the “trusting” part may not be as apparent as it should be. But, I do – I TRUST YOU LORD!

I’m off to walk the beautiful halls of the Atlanta airport and see what I can find that I haven’t seen over the past T.E.N. hours!! I will keep you posted!

“Thank you Lord that you are God in all things! You never ever fail us. You don’t know how! I thank you for your favor, exceedingly above anything we can ask or think. I trust you and your will for our trip…if you desire for it to take place (which I am beginning to wonder about.) In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

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