Thursday, August 2, 2007

My 1st Thankful Thursday Post

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,

to sing praises to your name, O Most High. Psalm 92:1

Well, this is my very first Thankful Thursday post. But, I just love the idea of it. It's too bad that we don't regularly sit down and say what we are thankful for except for special times like Thanksgiving, etc. Well, that changes here:

As I've already stated on this blog, the things I'm thankful for I consider to be "Kisses From the Father" - from the smallest to the biggest things.

1) I am thankful every morning for the new phrases that Emma says as she is waking up. "Mommy, it time get up!" "Mommy, I had good night seep." "Mommy, Daddy, Joo-Ahr (translation: J.R., our dog) G.E.T. M.E. O.U.T.!" "Mommy, where ah you?" "Mommy, ah you there?" It's a joy to hear what she will say each day. On the very f-e-w days that Kevin and I get to sleep in together (sleeping in = 8:00 a.m. by the way), we just lay there and laugh at her comments.

2) I am thankful for the prayer Emma and I pray together every morning over ours' and daddy's day.

3) I'm thankful for the feel of that sweaty head on my shoulder after she wakes up from her nap every day and has to "hold you" for a while.

4) I'm thankful for this precious little dog, J.R., that is staring me down right now begging to either go outside or get more food. It's always one of the two lately. As pesty as he is sometimes, I am thankful that he is still here to stare at me. (I'll explain that story later for those that don't already know.)

5) I'm thankful for the sound of Kevin's Explorer as it pulls into the driveway each night, sometimes late, but thankfully sometimes earlier lately. Me and Emma always look at each other when we hear it and wait for the sound of his horn to beep twice. That means he's locked his car and is walking towards the front door.

That is when our day begins...

The list goes on and on. I figured 5 things was a good # to keep it at. I'm thankful that there is a Thursday in every week!

I'd like to hear something you are thankful for this week.


Anonymous said...

And I'm sooo thankful for you!!

Kris C said...

I just think you are such a fantastic person Stacey. You are a phenominal mother, wife, friend, and such a true woman of God. I really enjoyed this blog this morning. I'm just so thankful to have met you. I think you'll be a lifelong friend that I'd love to stay in touch with. make me want to be a mother!! Ha!


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