Friday, August 10, 2007

You've Got a Friend

Great friends!! How would we survive this life without them?

You know who you are when you read this...

Lots of people are blessed with a lot of friends, but not too many of us have more than a handful of TRUE friends. You know - those that are there in the midst of a storm, (haha sometimes literal storms - when I'm scared out of my mind, hiding in the laundry room & holding the Bible while that friend is laughing at me from the couch by the window!); those that lend a helping hand no matter how tired they already are (and no matter when that help turns into a whole weekend - and then the weekend after) and don't expect a thing in return because that's just "what friends do"; those that pray for you and encourage you in the Word and that you sit up late with until the wee hours of the morning talking about "stuff."

It's a great feeling to have the kind of friends that you know you don't have to entertain. You don't have to plan your get togethers and you don't have to go anywhere or do anything. With these kind of friends, it's a blast to just lay around in bummy clothes and watch t.v. or play silly games or serve cereal for dinner and even sit in silence at times. It's just "understood" you know? No impressions need to be made because they already love "you" and well, that's just amazing.

When you find those "true" friends, you know you've found 'em and you never want to let them matter where your paths lead. I am so thankful for the great, Godly friends that the Lord has placed in mine and Kevin's life! We won't ever let you go!!

You are all kisses from our Father and we love you!

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Anonymous said...

"Many people will walk in and out of your life But only true friends will leave footprints on your heart"~~unknown

Ya' find out who your friends are...

~you know who they are when you can say what is on your mind and they just listen
~you know who they are when after they listen, they tell you what is on their heart
~when you know what they think (what may not be what you want to hear), you still can trust their judgement

Thanks for all you do! Hope you know how wonderful you are!


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