Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jibber Jabber

Have any of you ever made one of those "easy" no-sew fleece blankets that are popular to make? Well, I've always heard how eeaassyy it was and then I saw this post over at A New Chelsea Morning. Check it out...She made the most adorable little blanket for her grandson and she did such a great job! I also have a friend, Jessica, who makes lots of these so I thought I'd try.

I would post pics for your enjoyment-if you need a laugh-but, my camera is acting up tonight. Plus, I'm ashamed to show you.

You see, there is not a crafty bone in my body! AT ALL! I must have been sleeping when the good Lord passed out that trait cuz' it just ain't happenin' for me! Our friend "Bwoos" as E calls him (aka: Bruce) just left here and was literally walking out the door laughing at the sight of my effort. He can't understand how it will possibly end up as a blanket. "Oh, I're cutting little "frilly" things on the sides huh?" (You should understand that comment when you see the instructions on here.) "Frilly things?"

K is trying to comfort me and blame it on the scissors being too dull...I will be buying new scissors tomorrow, so I guess we will see.

I'll keep ya posted. The good thing is E won't know the difference. She will just know that her mommy made it for her with love...and lots of frustration. (smile)

So, football has officially begun y'all! (Oh, how very excited I am!) What is usually a quiet home (with the exception of a 2 year old) has suddenly turned into quite the opposite, as it normally does this time of year.

My sweet hub wants me to get involved in it so bad. Bless his heart - he didn't end up with one of "those" wives - like some of you reading this. I mean, it's been on for HOURS now and there is no sign of his cutting the t.v. off. There aren't too many things he will stay up until midnight to watch. How can it not get old? Every game looks the same to me.

Tonight, and every year, he tries to explain: "Baby, that is the quarterback throwing to the wide receiver." "Defense, Offense, Running Back, Safety, Jibber.Jabber.Jibber.Jabber." I've not learned anything yet, so why does he keep trying? Awwh...

He's making sure E knows all about it though. Tonight, she wanted to stay home with daddy while I ran errands. When I walked in the door, she said, "Mommy, I watch da game!" She was right in the middle of the guys on the floor eating their snacks.

Guess I'm outnumbered huh?

By the way, ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! I've at least learned that much! (I wanna stay in this family.)

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