Friday, January 11, 2008

*Important* Post!!

Attention shoppers!!

Head to Old Navy right NOW!! Drop what you are doing and G-O! They are having an amazing sale, while supplies last, of fall & winter clothes, as well as great gifts for next what you say you'll do every year..."I'm gonna start my Christmas shopping earlier this year." yada yada yada...that is me every December 26th.

Now is your chance to at least start on it. I just bought some great house shoes ("slippers" sounds so 'girlie') for my hubby and father and I'd like to go rack up on a few more pair.

Guess how much they were y'all!! A whopping $1.75!! Can you believe it? They may as well just be passing them out at the door don't-cha-think?

OOPS - dad & hubby, forget you read any of that!

So, being as most women are just like me and never want to miss a deal - get...scoot...hussle your way on over and maybe I'll "see" ya there. or not. I may beat ya to all the good deals.

You can also go here to shop online for women's goodies.
or here to shop for your lil' angels.

Race ya!!!

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