Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missin' You

Every day when E wakes up, either in the morning or from her nap, she does one of two things:

a) Immediately starts singing and talking and saying all sorts of cute stuff
b) Immediately starts whining and screaming and saying all sorts of not-so-cute stuff

I can usually tell what kind of morning or afternoon we are going to have by the way she wakes up. The first whine gets me saying, "uh oh" and the praying begins.

This weekend, E was waking up from her nap and started singing "Je-dus Love Me" & "Go Tell on Mountin" and I just decided to sit back and listen. Her sweet songs turned into, "Mommy, can you come get me out?" "Mommy, I need get out my bed." "Mommy, puhwease!"

The sweet "puhwease" did it so I started making my way to her room and when I get to the hall, she says, (I am not exaggerating by the way...it was just like this)...

...are you ready?

"Oh mommy, I miss you so bad I don't know what to do."

Yup, it worked, I couldn't get in there fast enough.

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