Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Perfect Day

So, here is the answer to the first question I received. I'll answer in the order that I received them in.

Tarrah @ My Blue Eyed Babies asked - "What would the perfect day out... with your hubby look like? With your children look like? With your girlfriends look like?"

Well, this one actually is not all that easy for some ways anyway.

See, my hubby works so many hours that we rarely get anytime "out" with him so really any day out with him is a perfect day for me.

It also really depends on what mood I am in. When it comes to time with Kevin, some days I wish he were home with me so that we could just laze around on the couch and watch movies and eat cookies all day long. Other days, I would love nothing more than to get up early and go to breakfast (sit down breakfast), go shopping together, come home take an afternoon nap (and anyone that knows him knows that the napping would be the best part of the day for him (wink)), go out for dinner and a movie and then for some ice cream or coffee after. I love that feeling I get with I'm "out" with him...even after almost 8 years of marriage...that feeling of being so proud to have him with me - by my side. You know when you are dating? You want to run into people so that they can see your hot date? Cuz you are proud? Yup...I still feel that way.


When it comes to a day out with my girl, E - anyday that she is happy and not whiny is a perfect day for me. I love getting up early some mornings with her and going to get breakfast (food again I know) and then taking her to a local bookstore to play in the toy section. That is a good day for me. She knows she gets to go there or a toy store as a privilege for being good. Whether it lasts, well that is another story.

When she has been good, it thrills me to get to reward her with a treat. Sometimes it consists of going to her favorite place to play, going to the park, getting ice cream, visiting with a friend. It is these days that get you through the "other" days.


And my girlfriends - It depends on who those girlfriends are. There are those that I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee with...morning, noon or night...and talking about everything from A-Z...or talk about nothing but "apples and bananas" haha. There are those that I love to shop with, or should I say try to keep up with their shopping, or pray with or play games with. And those also that I can run boring errands with or sit and flip the channels with while we complain about nothing being on...and still it's fun. I write this with a few particular gals in mind. But, there are lots of girlfriends in my life that are a joy to be around and are all true gifts from God.

Any time spent with each of them is a great day for me. I tried to find a good quote on spending time with your girlfriends and couldn't. But, the fact is that sometimes you go through things and face times when all you need is a good dose of your girlfriends to get you on your way.

So, obviously you can see that I am a simple girl. I don't need to do anything special to enjoy the "perfect" day with my husband, daughter or buds. As long as they are here to enjoy, I just want to make every minute count.

Until the next question is answered...have a great day!

And if you have a question for me, go here to ask anything you want.

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