Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I am so excited about this 2008 year...I've recently found out that the number 8 means "New Beginning" and I don't know about you, but that sooo excites me!

I personally am ready for a new beginning, a fresh start. Sometimes we tend to get so bogged down with just "life stuff" and we feel like we just can't get a break.

Well, forget the break. I think I'm just ready for that new beginning. And you?

I don't know if you are one to make resolutions each year. I've never really been big on them since most of them aren't kept for long. But, I thought this was interesting:

Top New Year's Resolutions: (in no particular order)

* Lose Weight * Pay off Debt
* Save Money * Better Job
* Get Fit / Eat Right * Better Education
* Quit Smoking * Reduce Stress
* Take a trip * Volunteer More

Save Money - I'm all about the saving money...but, that is much easier said than done!
Take a trip - We are going on our very first cruise in a few months so that will cover one of those. Check!
Reduce Stress - People, I have a 2 year old! Enough said?
Better Education - E (the 2 year old mentioned herein) educates me every single day! Check!
Better Job - Hmmm. Mommy is the job I always wanted. Who could ask for anything more? Check!
~~ Okay, so I won't call these "resolutions" just goals I have for 2008:
#1 Be a Better Blogger. I know I've been a slacker lately with the blogging. As I've said before, sometimes I wonder who all is out there, since people don't regularly comment, but then people start asking me why I'm not blogging. So, I'll do better. Promise. Hopefully. Maybe. Ugh. (smile)
#2 Work, Work, Work my business with all that I have. Y'all, my youngen is starting Pre-K this year. oh.my.goodness.gracious! For plenty of reasons other than that, I need a successful business and that is up to me!
#3 Get up earlier. I have a tendency to let myself sleep until E wakes up a lot of mornings - not all mornings, but a lot. I realize that since she is not an early-riser, there is so much that I could get done each morning if I'd crawl on out.
#4 Become a woman after God's own heart. This should not be down at #4, so these aren't in the right order, but I just finished Beth Moore's 90-day study on the life of David. I feel like I know David now. I highly recommend this study. What a legacy he left. Was he a perfect man? Certainly not. Did he love God? Absolutely and he left us a lot to learn from. Oh how I want to know God like David did.
Okay, so that is enough right now. I pray that your 2008 is filled with happiness, love, laughter and peace...but most importantly a burning desire to live for and serve the Lord, the King of all Kings, the ONLY God like you've never imagined.
God bless!

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